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Are you on the lookout for a cool skill based game that will test your reflexes and provide you with hours upon hours of fun? Deep Down Under is the right title in this regard, as here you get a peaceful yet challenging gameplay!

The idea in Deep Down Under is simple, you control a diver that has to get as deep as possible into the sea, all while trying to avoid all the dangers coming in his way. There are plenty of sharks hidden deep within the water and lurking towards you, which means that you will always need to move quickly and improve your reflexes to get rid of them the best way you can.

Hitting a single shark will prove fatal for you, which means that you have to be on constant alert. Thankfully, there are shields that you can use along the way which will allow you to either get the upper hand against the sharks, at least for a single encounter.

Collect as many stars as you can in order to buy more shields and gems. Gems gives you a second chance, so use them wisely.

Deep Down Under allows you to play as many times as you want, since the game doesn’t have any score limits, it all comes down to how good you are and how impressive your reflexes will get. One thing is certain, this is the best, cutest game that you can use to test and improve your skills, so download it now!

★ Cute graphics
★ Simple, yet challenging game mechanic
★ Use power-ups to improve your chances of survival
★ Compete with friends and other players with our Leaderboard
★ Enjoyable music

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