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TimerBot is a very simple timer app that helps in managing time while doing exercises like HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) where you have to do a certain exercise for few seconds then rest for few seconds and repeat for a finite number of repetitions. You don’t need to open your default timer app if you have this small handy app installed on your phone.

TimerBot comes with few basic exercise presets that you may follow if you are a beginner. All our inbuilt presets have a tutorial page where you can watch how to do a particular exercise. The app takes you to YouTube search result page whenever you click on an exercise you want to know more about without having to type anything on YouTube.

Besides having inbuilt presets, you will also have the choice to create and save your own presets. You have to choose your preparation time, i.e., the time you need before the start of a repetition, then choose your workout and resting time. You also get the option to name your exercises, so that while the timer is ticking it will show you the current exercise and also the upcoming ones.

Another cool thing about TimerBot is that it can speak! TimerBot will shout out at the start of each workout and resting phase. Also countdowns at the end of every phase so that it motivates you into keep going till the last second.

Share your unique sets of exercise presets with other TimerBot users by generating a sharing code and distributing it with through mail or any messaging apps. The recipient can then paste the code [from inside the add preset page] and add that preset to his/her list. 


  • Time management for exercises like HIIT.
  • In-built preset of exercises.
  • Options to Edit, Duplicate, Delete preset. [Long press on preset list item for options]
  • Share user created presets with other TimerBot users.
  • YouTube videos for any exercises included in the in-built presets.
  • Naming of exercises makes it easier to keep a track of your upcoming exercises.
  • Create your list of unlimited presets.
  • Vocal Shoutouts.


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