Raag Sadhana
Minitar - A Mini Guitar
Rhythm with Tabla
UVox Recorder
Deep Down Under

Just like your grandma we’ve got history

Started in 2009, the company had a different name, it was young at that time, but still we managed to bring smiles to all our customers. Back then we mainly marketed web hosting servers and domains at a very flexible rate. But now with a new name, we are focused more on providing high quality mobile games and apps. We aim to make unique apps for our home products and deliver quality apps to our clients

We offer unique things to unique people.

Mobile Apps

From simple to complex mobile apps for the global audience

Mobile Games

Games, who doesn’t love em. We also love them, from 2D to 3D

Optimized Coding

Less app crashing leads to more happy faces

Time is Money

We understand the importance of time and it reflects on our work also 

Colourful Graphics

An app which doesnt look good, is not good 


Working with us will give you satisfaction and quality products