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Bandish Plus consists of various Indian Classical Raag Bandish with lyrics, notations and audio. The most important feature of Bandish Plus is the ability to playback the notations on the desired scale and tempo. The Live Piano View shows the current note being played, right on your mobile screen.

Unlike any book, where you can view only the notations. In Bandish Plus, you get the lyrics, notations and the ability to playback the notes on your desired scale and tempo. 

Bandish Plus is the perfect app for both students and teachers where they can lookup a song for lyrics or notations, with the extra benefit of listening to the actual notes.

Key Features:
- View lyrics
- View notations
- View song info
- Filter songs by alphabet or raag
- 200+ songs with notation audio
- View lyrics, notations and other info for each song
- Tanpura
- Multiple Instrument option (Piano, Harmonium & Esraj)
- Ability to change scale
- Control playback tempo
- Seek song playback to any position
- Background playback

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In the free version:
- User can play 1/4th of the song
- No background playback
- Advertisements

1. All notations are taken from books written by Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande

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